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Working with Loyd Russel Homes was the best decision we could have made.  Would highly recommend Loyd Russel Homes to anyone looking to construct their new home.

From the first time I had met Steve, I was thoroughly impressed by your company’s attention to detail. This attention to detail has been mentioned to me by my home inspectors as well as a number of visitors to my home over the few years.

We interviewed several builders but you guys were the clear winners for many reasons…….good reputation of being honest, competitive prices and your overall personality to name a few. 


We knew you always had our best interests at heart and did everything possible to accommodate us.

Not many people get the chance to work with a builder who genuinely cares about his clients and unfailingly stands behind his work.

The integrity with which both of you run your company is unparalleled in the industry.

The best place to begin is with a great thank you for the wonderful house, your smart and thoughtful counsel and the amazing craftsmanship that makes our new home so special.

Loyd Russel Homes not only delivered a quality product, you also made the whole process enjoyable.

When family and friends ask us about our new house, we let them know that we are extremely satisfied with our decision to purchase a Loyd Russel Home...

The attentiveness and responsiveness that these gentlemen give to their homeowners is unmatched...

...the home/town homes under construction by LRH are of exceptional quality, brilliant design and layout, and other superior craftsmanship.

Your professionalism and integrity are apparent in every aspect of your homes...

I really enjoyed the whole building experience, seeing Asbury Court Townhomes get built from start to finish was a very fun and educational experience for me.

Your attention to detail, meticulous workmanship and in-depth understanding of living spaces makes all the difference.

I purchased one of your homes in June and am so genuinely satisfied that I wanted to tell you in writing that you are “doing it right”.

We have received numerous complements from our family and friends which makes us feel like we made a wonderful choice for our first home.

Their attention to detail, their concern with quality home components, and the fine quality of construction is first-rate.

Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of our concerns.

L.M. Maranto

Dear Russel and Steve:

I purchased one of your homes in June and am so genuinely satisfied that I wanted to tell you in writing that you are “doing it right”.

When I was searching for a home in Houston, I looked at homes non-stop for five days, both with and without my real estate agent. My agent had said that the construction quality of your homes was good and that you were a reputable builder. Of the homes I saw in my price range, I could tell by comparison that your attention to detail was better than your competitors’. When I went to a meeting with you, armed with questions from an architect friend about construction-related details, I was impressed with your willingness to answer my questions in the manner of a patient, eager teacher. I also appreciated your candor when you did not know the precise answer to a question, but offered to get it. I have a lot of respect for an answer of “I don’t know”, when it is followed by accurate, helpful information.

I have received nothing but compliments from guests who are impressed with the finish work and overall design. My home inspector and his associate both commented that the house had thoughtful design touches, one of which would increase the energy efficiency of the place. The inspector stated that the house’s construction quality was well above average for its market segment.

When an interior designer walked through the house during a consultation, he commented that the builders had done a nice job using the available space and that they had taken extra care to enhance the overall design. He said, “Your builders did a great job--I know what’s out there.”

When I was looking for a home, I, too, had seen what was “out there”; the design and construction quality varied dramatically, in my view. I selected the home that appeared to me to be the best constructed in the price range I was wanting to pay. As the above comments illustrate, professionals who know what they’re talking about have confirmed that the construction and design quality of my home is notable better than other homes in the same price range.

In closing, I want to specifically note that I appreciate the integrity with which you run your business. The fact, in particular, was apparent to me from my first dealings with you. Thank you and best of luck to you both!


L.M. Maranto
October 22, 2004

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